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In 2009 the management of "ABM Partner™" established the company’s own charitable foundation for the socially unprotected. We take an active participation in funds’ activities, hold regular meetings with leading medical centers and contribute to discussions issues and find raising.
Would you like to become a little magician, too? If you remember the Cinderella fairy tale, there is a phrase, “I am not a magician, I am just learning to be one!”
Let’s learn to be magicians together!

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Short «ABM Partner»
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According to the Rating of business potential assigned by Expert RA Rating Agency ZAO "ABM Partner™" (as Nexia CIS group) has retained from the 1-st to the 35-th places in different categories.
JSC "ABM Partner" has passed the qualification selection Sberbank in the direction of: Engineering on 2017.
JSC "Russian Agricultural Bank" extended the status of LLC "ABM Capital" as the Bank's partner on major projects
JSC "Russian Agricultural Bank" extended the status of JSC "ABM Partner™" as the Bank's partner on major projects.

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